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Why I Do Voice Acting

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Bringing Stories and Narratives to Life

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt compelled to use my voice to bring stories to life. Now, as a professionally-trained voice actor, I’m often asked why I choose to get behind the mike. The answer is multi-layered.

Over the years, I’ve had volunteer and paid work circumstances that allowed me to do voiceovers and other voice recordings. In one such position, I served as “the voice” for a regional theatre and did radio and television promos for upcoming shows.

In my communication position at the World Bank, I narrated a globally distributed documentary on handwashing. When I worked at EPA, I narrated a science podcast series. In my current position, I use my professional broadcast-quality studio to voice for various clients’ webinar promos, numerous e-learning modules, and a forthcoming 90-episode podcast focused on executives in the implementing project space.

Every Play an Angry Stage?

In one recent short film project, I voiced the creepy stage that was personified evil. This involved going into the booth early on a Saturday morning when my voice was deep and scratchy. I used that to my advantage as I delivered a clouded sound and the growls of an angry stage. That same project involved my voicing the lines of a know-it-all shaman talking to the main character on the phone.

Flexing My Creativity

Voice acting also enables me to flex my creativity. Every new project presents an opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of the human voice. The creative freedom keeps my work exciting. From a practical standpoint, voice acting allows me to work remotely. I can record anywhere as long as I have a quiet studio and a great microphone.

On a personal note, voiceover work brings structure and discipline to my days. I set daily goals to complete my recordings. I exercise vocal techniques to strengthen my range and articulation. I listen and re-listen with a critical ear until each take is perfect. The craft requires tremendous diligence, which spills over into other areas of my life.

Voice Acting Presents Intellectual Challenges

Creativity is at the heart of voice acting, but it also presents intense intellectual challenges. I must analyze each script to comprehend the subtext and convey underlying meanings. Before tackling a role, I spend hours researching the character’s background, cultural accent, and proper pronunciations to portray them authentically. I’m constantly learning about people, places, periods, and themes that are foreign to my experience. The rigorous knowledge required to inhabit fictional worlds fully engages my mind and satisfies my love of learning. Voiceover work exercises both my imagination and intellect.

At the same time, voiceovers require patience and perseverance. Long hours in a sound booth take stamina. For example, narrating books and voicing multiple characters back and forth demands intense focus. I dig deep to power through when I grow tired or frustrated, building my resilience.

The Playful Side of It All

On a lighter note, voiceover work indulges my playful side. Inhabiting fictional roles allows me to behave in ways unlike my natural self. I can sound silly, mysterious, villainous, or outrageous—all behind the mask of a character. And speaking of characters, in an in-person performance, I played Darth Vader’s ex-wife, which allowed me to interact with a voice actor who played the role of Darth Vader. Delivering these characters brings tremendous joy.

Above all, I pursue voiceover work because it is deeply fulfilling. When I land a challenging role and perform it to the best of my ability, I feel immense pride and contentment. I will always use my voice to tell stories and deliver characters, lessons, promos, or commercials that resonate in people’s hearts and minds.

Create, Connect, and Challenge

I do voiceovers to create, connect, challenge myself, and do what I love…perform. Vocal storytelling feels magical, allowing me to bring stories and characters to vivid life. And when I play back a finished product, a deep sense of fulfillment resonates through my soul. I proudly call myself a professionally-trained voice actor for these reasons.

Check out my demos. Let’s work on a project together. Contact me and let me know your needs.

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