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Elegance and Sophistication

Have a high-end luxury product ad or an upscale brand campaign? Donna's voice adds a layer of elegance and sophistication that resonates with discerning audiences. She is an urban sage with a voice that resonates with sophistication and metropolitan elegance.

Authoritative and Powerful

When you require a voice that commands attention and authority, Donna delivers a solid and commanding presence that lends credibility and impact to your project.

Versatile and Engaging

Donna adapts her vocal style to suit your needs, whether it's a warm narration tone, an energetic commercial voice, or a polished and authoritative voice for high-profile documentaries.

Professionalism, Quality, and Versatility

Top-Notch Voiceover Services

Donna Vincent Roa at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

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About DVR | VO Actor with Keen Artistic Intuition

Donna has narrated documentaries, radio commercials, e-learning modules, global promos, science podcasts, audiobooks (children’s books), and industrial training films. She has acted in seven short films, including an animated film. She has extensive professional emcee and stage experience, including performing in an Off-Broadway variety show and the lead role in the Japanese Noh opera that won the National Drama Festival in Great Britain.

Donna holds a doctorate in international communication and has worked in or traveled to 49 countries—including France, where a short film she wrote and executive produced premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France. A certified AI prompt engineer, an internationally accredited business communicator (ABC), and a certified development project manager (CDPM®), Dr. Roa has written numerous industry articles and authored four books (a VO-related book is on the way!), including The Value of Water: A Compendium of Essays by Smart CEOs and Five Knocks, an award-winning contemporary social issue novel.

A professionally-trained voice actor with MA studies in Theatre & Media Production, Donna is an American Women in Communication-DC Matrix Award winner for her professional achievements in global communication and has won numerous communication awards in strategy and branding. She has presented on global communication issues at the British Medical Association and was a social scientist who conducted research in Kazakhstan for the Treasury Department’s first redesign of the $100 bill. She also served as an Environment Commissioner for Rockville, MD. Her emcee work has included audiences from 3,000 to 30,000.

Donna has a personal, professional broadcast-quality studio and uses a FocusRite Scarlett 2i2, an AKG C414 XLS (Reference Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone), and a DT 990 Pro headset. She uses Audacity, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro, Zoom, Google Hangout, ipDTL, and Source-Connect. She also has access to numerous local recording studios.

Donna is an official National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) member.


Bring Your Brand to Life

Donna can effortlessly capture a brand’s essence, whether a sophisticated luxury product, a heartfelt cause, or a popular children’s book.

Discerning clients count on Donna to lend credibility and vocal artistry, making her the go-to voice actor for upscale branding and commanding narration across multiple genres, including live announcing.

Donna champions water and environmental issues and welcomes any project focusing on the planet’s sustainability.

She operates her studio in the DC Metro area and is available for in-person sessions in the US within 48 hours and globally within 72 hours.


Commercials, narration, promos, documentaries, children's books, live announcing, and corporate training and e-learning modules


Audio Description

Authentic and engaging audio description narration designed to improve accessibility and an inclusive viewing experience



Archetype-driven character development and dynamic characters with dimension


AI & Script Editing

Professional research and editing services to enhance the quality of your content


Let's work together.

Contact Donna today to request an audition, set up a meeting, or discuss your project.

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Additional Voice Samples

While Donna is a certified AI prompt engineer and uses AI for research, improving productivity, and special projects, she guarantees that her direct client voiceover work is authentic and will never be created by a voice clone or AI model, unless specifically needed or requested by a client (e.g., language versions of Donna's voice).