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Unlikely Connections: Birds and Voiceover

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Unique and Colorful Sights and Sounds

As a voice actor who loves working with sound and is a big fan of birds, I’ve found that these two passions have a special connection. Birds, with their many species and bright colors, are unique in their own way, just like every voice actor has a unique style. The colors of birds, from the bright red of a cardinal to the shiny blue of a peacock, create the visual poem. With their panoply of voices and colorful characters, voice actors deliver auditory poems.

As a voice actor, I know how powerful sound can be. It can stir up feelings and color stories. In my job, I try to make characters come alive with my voice. This is similar to how each bird uses its unique song to show who it is, communicate with others, and find its place in the world around it. The many types of bird songs show how rich and varied life on Earth is, and they often inspire me in my work.

I am also inspired by the rich talent of the voice actors I meet, who are genuinely devoted to the craft and take the time to share their colorful knowledge with others. The recent Mid-Atlantic Voice Over Conference (MAVO) that I attended included the likes of Yolanda Spearman, Val Kelly, Marc Scott, Jim Fonk, Uncle Roy, Michael Scott, Laura Schreiber, Carin Gilfry, and others.

Voice Actors Maintain Humanity in Storytelling

Birds do a lot to keep our ecosystems healthy, like helping plants to pollinate and spreading seeds around. Understanding how important birds are to our planet makes me respect them even more. They’re not just about their beautiful songs—they’re a key part of our world’s balance, just like voice actors are the ones to maintain a touch of humanity in storytelling as artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent.

Being a voice actor is a lot like watching birds. It takes patience, careful observation, and an appreciation for the small things—just like the detailed work of bringing a character to life with your voice. I see a connection to the natural rhythms and seasons because, just like different birds show up at different times of the year, my voice-acting projects come and go, too. When the swallows come back in the spring, it’s a signal of fresh starts and new beginnings, and that’s a feeling I often get in my work, too.

Exploring the Possibilities of Every New Script

Birds flying high in the sky symbolize freedom, exploration, and adventure—things that connect with my life as a voice actor. I appreciate this sentiment expressed by writer Katherine Towler in “Why Do Writers Love Birding So Much?” She says: “With birds, I have found another way of being in the world.”

What is the Melody of Your World?

And that’s what we focus on as voice actors. We have to portray “another way of being” as we make creative choices in how we deliver on our scripts. We play many roles, diving into each new script’s exciting world of possibilities. The chance to explore so many different characters and stories is one of the most exciting parts of being a voice actor, and it’s in these moments, my work is a lot like the free spirit of birds.

My love for birds and my passion for voice acting fit together perfectly. They’re also a constant source of inspiration for my voice acting. In every way, they’re the music of my world.

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